Gentoo Packages Gentoo Packages2 2014-10-31T21:31:15Z <div> <span class="cpvstr">net-misc/networkmanager-</span>: <span class="description">Universal network configuration daemon for laptops, desktops, servers and virtualization hosts</span> </div> Pacho Ramos (pacho) 2014-10-31T21:31:15Z
31 Oct 2014; Pacho Ramos (pacho) networkmanager-
Add reference to upstream bug report
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sys-devel/libtool-2.4.3-r1</span>: <span class="description">A shared library tool for developers</span> </div> Mike Frysinger (vapier) 2014-10-31T21:08:12Z
*libtool-2.4.3-r1 (31 Oct 2014)
31 Oct 2014; Mike Frysinger (vapier)
+files/libtool-2.4.3-no-clean-gnulib.patch, +libtool-2.4.3-r1.ebuild:
Do not delete headers installed by gnulib #527200 by Jorge Nerin.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sys-cluster/galera-25.3.5</span>: <span class="description">Synchronous multi-master replication engine that provides its service through wsrep API</span> </div> Brian Evans (grknight) 2014-10-31T21:01:18Z
31 Oct 2014; Brian Evans (grknight) galera-25.3.5.ebuild:
Add missing user inherit
<div> <span class="cpvstr">games-arcade/cavezofphear-0.5.1</span>: <span class="description">A boulder dash / digger-like game for console using ncurses</span> </div> Michael Sterrett (mr_bones_) 2014-10-31T21:01:10Z
31 Oct 2014; Michael Sterrett (mr_bones_)
cavezofphear-0.5.1.ebuild, files/cavezofphear-0.5.1-gentoo.patch:
build with ncurses[tinfo] (bug #527606)
<div> <span class="cpvstr">app-shells/dash-</span>: <span class="description">DASH is a direct descendant of the NetBSD version of ash (the Almquist SHell) and is POSIX compliant</span> </div> Mike Frysinger (vapier) 2014-10-31T19:25:38Z
*dash- (31 Oct 2014)
31 Oct 2014; Mike Frysinger (vapier) +dash-,
Disable LINENO support via the new configure flag #527644 by Alexander Tsoy.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">net-proxy/haproxy-1.5.8</span>: <span class="description">A TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments</span> </div> Christian Ruppert (idl0r) 2014-10-31T19:05:25Z
*haproxy-1.5.8 (31 Oct 2014)
31 Oct 2014; Christian Ruppert (idl0r) -haproxy-1.5.6.ebuild,
Version bump
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-biology/stride-20011129-r1</span>: <span class="description">Protein secondary structure assignment from atomic coordinates</span> </div> Justin Lecher (jlec) 2014-10-31T17:01:16Z
31 Oct 2014; Justin Lecher (jlec) stride-20011129-r1.ebuild:
Fix 404 on patches, #525346
<div> <span class="cpvstr">dev-java/sblim-cim-client-2.2.1-r1</span>: <span class="description">A WBEM services client that includes an IETF RFC 2614 compliant SLP client for CIM service discovery</span> </div> Johann Schmitz (ercpe) 2014-10-31T16:39:12Z
*sblim-cim-client-2.2.1-r1 (31 Oct 2014)
31 Oct 2014; Johann Schmitz (ercpe)
+files/2.2.1-no-network-tests.patch, +sblim-cim-client-2.2.1-r1.ebuild,
Dropped useless patch file; removed network tests (bug #526656)
<div> <span class="cpvstr">www-client/lynx-2.8.8_p2</span>: <span class="description">An excellent console-based web browser with ssl support</span> </div> Agostino Sarubbo (ago) 2014-10-31T16:31:19Z
31 Oct 2014; Agostino Sarubbo (ago) lynx-2.8.8_p2.ebuild:
Stable for ppc64, wrt bug #526588
<div> <span class="cpvstr">net-nds/ypbind-1.37.2</span>: <span class="description">Multithreaded NIS bind service (ypbind-mt)</span> </div> Agostino Sarubbo (ago) 2014-10-31T16:31:15Z
31 Oct 2014; Agostino Sarubbo (ago) ypbind-1.37.2.ebuild:
Stable for ppc64, wrt bug #525064