Gentoo Packages Gentoo Packages2 2014-04-24T10:11:40Z <div> <span class="cpvstr">app-backup/backintime-1.0.34</span>: <span class="description">A simple backup system inspired by TimeVault and FlyBack, with a GUI for GNOME and KDE4</span> </div> Michael Weber (xmw) 2014-04-24T10:11:40Z
*backintime-1.0.34 (24 Apr 2014)
24 Apr 2014; Michael Weber (xmw) +backintime-1.0.34.ebuild:
Version bump (bug 488350).
<div> <span class="cpvstr">app-emacs/visual-basic-mode-1.4.12</span>: <span class="description">A mode for editing Visual Basic programs</span> </div> Chema Alonso (nimiux) 2014-04-24T10:01:04Z
24 Apr 2014; Chema Alonso (nimiux)
Stable for amd64 wrt bug #506866
<div> <span class="cpvstr">app-text/migemo-0.40_p2</span>: <span class="description">Migemo is Japanese Incremental Search Tool</span> </div> Agostino Sarubbo (ago) 2014-04-24T09:31:07Z
24 Apr 2014; Agostino Sarubbo (ago) migemo-0.40_p2.ebuild:
Stable for sparc, wrt bug #493028
<div> <span class="cpvstr">app-admin/pass-9999</span>: <span class="description">Stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely using gpg, pwgen, and git</span> </div> Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4) 2014-04-24T09:31:02Z
24 Apr 2014; Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4) metadata.xml,
Add dmenu support.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sys-kernel/vanilla-sources-3.12.18</span>: <span class="description">Full sources for the Linux kernel</span> </div> Agostino Sarubbo (ago) 2014-04-24T09:13:55Z
*vanilla-sources-3.12.18 (24 Apr 2014)
24 Apr 2014; Agostino Sarubbo (ago)
+vanilla-sources-3.12.18.ebuild, -vanilla-sources-3.12.17.ebuild:
Version bump for the 3.12 series, remove old.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">kde-misc/networkmanagement-</span>: <span class="description">KDE frontend for NetworkManager</span> </div> Patrick Lauer (patrick) 2014-04-24T07:31:21Z
24 Apr 2014; Patrick Lauer (patrick)
<div> <span class="cpvstr">media-sound/spotify-</span>: <span class="description">Spotify is a social music platform</span> </div> Matthew Thode (prometheanfire) 2014-04-24T07:02:32Z
*spotify- (24 Apr 2014)
24 Apr 2014; Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)
fixing r6 for bug 499144
<div> <span class="cpvstr">dev-python/rply-0.7.2-r1</span>: <span class="description">Pure python parser generator that also works with RPython</span> </div> Ian Delaney (idella4) 2014-04-24T07:01:15Z
24 Apr 2014; Ian Delaney (idella4) rply-0.7.2-r1.ebuild:
Excluding failed tests under py3 subsequent to upstream issue rply/issues/26,
closes Bug #508308
<div> <span class="cpvstr">dev-ruby/columnize-0.8.9</span>: <span class="description">Sorts an array in column order.</span> </div> Hans de Graaff (graaff) 2014-04-24T06:23:09Z
*columnize-0.8.9 (24 Apr 2014)
24 Apr 2014; Hans de Graaff (graaff) +columnize-0.8.9.ebuild:
Version bump. Drop ruby18. Drop jruby due to 1.9-syntax.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">app-i18n/ibus-cangjie-2.1</span>: <span class="description">The IBus engine for users of the Cangjie and Quick input methods</span> </div> Naohiro Aota (naota) 2014-04-24T05:08:20Z
*ibus-cangjie-2.1 (24 Apr 2014)
24 Apr 2014; Naohiro Aota (naota) +ibus-cangjie-2.1.ebuild,
New ebuild app-i18n/ibus-cangjie written by Brendan Horan. #506718