Gentoo Packages /arch/amd64//unstable/ Gentoo Packages2 2014-09-17T14:31:20Z <div> <span class="cpvstr">media-gfx/imagemagick-</span>: <span class="description">A collection of tools and libraries for many image formats</span> </div> Samuli Suominen (ssuominen) 2014-09-17T14:01:12Z
17 Sep 2014; Samuli Suominen (ssuominen)
Fix sandbox problems with USE="opencl" and /dev/nvidiactl wrt #472766#c31 by
Wojtek Arabczyk
<div> <span class="cpvstr">dev-ruby/pdf-core-0.4.0</span>: <span class="description">Implements low level PDF features for Prawn</span> </div> Manuel Rüger (mrueg) 2014-09-17T13:51:30Z
*pdf-core-0.4.0 (17 Sep 2014)
17 Sep 2014; Manuel Rüger (mrueg) +pdf-core-0.4.0.ebuild:
Version bump.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sys-fs/eudev-1.10-r2</span>: <span class="description">Linux dynamic and persistent device naming support (aka userspace devfs)</span> </div> Jeroen Roovers (jer) 2014-09-17T13:31:18Z
17 Sep 2014; Jeroen Roovers (jer) eudev-1.10-r2.ebuild:
Stable for HPPA (bug #522792).
<div> <span class="cpvstr">dev-python/django-1.7</span>: <span class="description">High-level Python web framework</span> </div> Ian Delaney (idella4) 2014-09-17T13:31:08Z
17 Sep 2014; Ian Delaney (idella4) -django-1.4.14.ebuild,
-django-1.5.9.ebuild, -django-1.6.6.ebuild, django-1.6.7.ebuild,
syntax fix, drop vulnerable versions wrt Bug #521324
<div> <span class="cpvstr">dev-python/django-setuptest-0.1.5</span>: <span class="description">Simple test suite enabling Django app testing via</span> </div> Ian Delaney (idella4) 2014-09-17T13:22:35Z
*django-setuptest-0.1.5 (17 Sep 2014)
17 Sep 2014; Ian Delaney (idella4) +django-setuptest-0.1.5.ebuild:
bump; update deps
<div> <span class="cpvstr">net-mail/automx-0.10.2</span>: <span class="description">A mail user agent auto configuration service</span> </div> Marc Schiffbauer (mschiff) 2014-09-17T13:01:14Z
17 Sep 2014; Marc Schiffbauer (mschiff) -automx-0.10.1.ebuild,
Removed automx-0.10.1.ebuild. Added DISTUTILS_SINGLE_IMPL=1 to 0.10.2 to fix
installation with mod_wsgi
<div> <span class="cpvstr">app-crypt/johntheripper-1.7.9-r9</span>: <span class="description">fast password cracker</span> </div> Justin Lecher (jlec) 2014-09-17T13:01:03Z
17 Sep 2014; Justin Lecher (jlec) johntheripper-1.7.9-r9.ebuild:
Drop gpu specific compiler flags
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-libs/indilib-0.9.9</span>: <span class="description">INDI Astronomical Control Protocol library</span> </div> Michael Palimaka (kensington) 2014-09-17T12:50:52Z
*indilib-0.9.9 (17 Sep 2014)
17 Sep 2014; Michael Palimaka (kensington) +indilib-0.9.9.ebuild:
Version bump.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">app-admin/supervisor-3.1.2</span>: <span class="description">A system for controlling process state under UNIX</span> </div> Ian Delaney (idella4) 2014-09-17T12:31:02Z
17 Sep 2014; Ian Delaney (idella4) metadata.xml,
revert bump to state of prior versions
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-chemistry/molsketch-0.2.0-r1</span>: <span class="description">A drawing tool for 2D molecular structures</span> </div> Justin Lecher (jlec) 2014-09-17T12:01:16Z
17 Sep 2014; Justin Lecher (jlec) molsketch-0.2.0-r1.ebuild: