Gentoo Packages /category/sci-visualization/ Gentoo Packages2 2014-12-22T15:01:11Z <div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/paraview</span>: <span class="description">ParaView is a powerful scientific data visualization application</span> </div> Matthias Maier (tamiko) 2014-12-21T23:31:16Z
*paraview-4.2.0 (21 Dec 2014)
21 Dec 2014; Matthias Maier (tamiko)
+files/paraview-4.2.0-removesqlite.patch, +paraview-4.2.0.ebuild,
-paraview-4.0.1.ebuild, paraview-4.1.0-r1.ebuild:
version bump; define GLX_GLXEXT_LEGACY in 4.0.1, bug #528654; do not use -Wl
,--fatal-warnings, bug #526464
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/fityk</span>: <span class="description">General-purpose nonlinear curve fitting and data analysis</span> </div> Pacho Ramos (pacho) 2014-11-28T22:01:17Z
28 Nov 2014; Pacho Ramos (pacho) fityk-1.2.1.ebuild:
Support python 3.4
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/gnuplot</span>: <span class="description">Command-line driven interactive plotting program</span> </div> Christoph Junghans (ottxor) 2014-11-08T20:38:11Z
*gnuplot-4.6.6 (08 Nov 2014)
08 Nov 2014; Christoph Junghans (ottxor) +gnuplot-4.6.6.ebuild:
version bump and remove obsolete USE flags (bug #528332)
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/qtiplot</span>: <span class="description">Qt based clone of the Origin plotting package</span> </div> Justin Lecher (jlec) 2014-10-27T17:01:16Z
27 Oct 2014; Justin Lecher (jlec)
Cleaned patch
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/veusz</span>: <span class="description">Qt scientific plotting package with good Postscript output</span> </div> Justin Lecher (jlec) 2014-10-27T16:46:35Z
*veusz-1.22 (27 Oct 2014)
27 Oct 2014; Justin Lecher (jlec) +veusz-1.22.ebuild:
Version Bump
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/epix</span>: <span class="description">2- and 3-D plotter for creating images (to be used in LaTeX)</span> </div> Justin Lecher (jlec) 2014-10-22T09:01:16Z
*epix-1.2.11-r1 (22 Oct 2014)
22 Oct 2014; Justin Lecher (jlec) epix-1.2.10.ebuild,
epix-1.2.11.ebuild, +epix-1.2.11-r1.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Fix bashcomp installation, #526322
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/quickplot</span>: <span class="description">A fast interactive 2D plotter</span> </div> Manuel Rüger (mrueg) 2014-10-05T16:01:16Z
05 Oct 2014; Manuel Rüger (mrueg) quickplot-0.10.6.ebuild:
Mark stable on amd64. Bug #518164
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/yt</span>: <span class="description">Astrophysical Simulation Analysis and Vizualization package</span> </div> Kacper Kowalik (xarthisius) 2014-10-03T21:17:21Z
03 Oct 2014; Kacper Kowalik (xarthisius) -yt-3.0.ebuild:
Drop old
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/visit</span>: <span class="description">A software that delivers parallel interactive visualizations</span> </div> Sławek Lis (slis) 2014-07-25T12:24:12Z
*visit-2.7.3 (25 Jul 2014)
25 Jul 2014; Sławek Lis (slis)
+files/visit-2.7.3-findpython.patch, +files/visit-2.7.3-findsilo.patch,
+files/visit-2.7.3-findvtk.patch, +files/visit-2.7.3-vtklibs.patch,
+metadata.xml, +visit-2.7.3.ebuild:
added visit package
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sci-visualization/xgraph</span>: <span class="description">X11 Plotting Utility</span> </div> Ulrich Müller (ulm) 2014-02-12T20:31:32Z
12 Feb 2014; Ulrich Müller (ulm) xgraph-12.1-r2.ebuild,
Fix LICENSE, bug 452914. Unfortunately, some of xgraph's code seems to be