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dev-lua/luaossl Most comprehensive OpenSSL module in the Lua universe.
net-p2p/syncthing Syncthing is an open, trustworthy and decentralized cloud storage system
dev-go/beego High-performance web framework for Go
dev-python/maybe See what a program does before deciding whether you really want it to happen
dev-python/nose-show-skipped A nose plugin to show skipped tests and their messages
dev-go/go-sqlite3 Go sqlite3 driver using database/sql
app-emulation/grub-xen-host Grub2 built as a PV grub per the Xen PV Boot Protocol
dev-ml/ocaml-cairo OCaml Binding to Cairo
dev-ml/bson An ocaml implementation for bson
dev-ml/mongo An ocaml driver for mongodb