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dev-python/vulture find unused classes, functions and variables in your code
dev-lua/lua-openssl OpenSSL binding for Lua
www-apps/icingaweb2-module-pnp4nagios Icinga Web 2 - Frontend for icinga2
sys-apps/progress Coreutils Viewer: show progress for cp, rm, dd, and so forth
www-apps/icingaweb2 Icinga Web 2 - Frontend for icinga2
sci-electronics/xoscope-2.1 Soundcard Oscilloscope for X
net-analyzer/pmacct-1.5.3_pre20150925 A network tool to gather IP traffic information
x11-wm/page-1.9.6-r1 A mouse friendly tiling window manager
net-wireless/hostapd-2.5 IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN Host AP daemon
media-gfx/feh-2.14 A fast, lightweight imageviewer using imlib2
x11-misc/lightdm-1.16.3 A lightweight display manager
x11-plugins/wmclock-1.0.16 a dockapp that displays time and date (same style as NEXTSTEP(tm) operating systems)
dev-java/commons-jelly-1.0-r7 A Java and XML based scripting and processing engine
dev-java/commons-jexl-1.1-r1 Expression language engine, can be embedded in applications and frameworks
dev-java/constantine-0.7-r1 Provides Java values for common platform C constants