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media-fonts/nanum The Nanum Korean fonts distributed by Naver
dev-libs/libintl the GNU international library (split out of gettext)
sci-chemistry/prody Protein Dynamics Analysis
ros-meta/rosserial Metapackage for core of rosserial
dev-ros/rosserial_arduino Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Arduino/AVR Platforms
dev-ros/rosserial_client Generalized client side source for rosserial
dev-ros/rosserial_embeddedlinux Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Embedded Linux Enviroments
dev-ros/rosserial_msgs Messages for automatic topic configuration using rosserial
dev-ros/rosserial_python A Python-based implementation of the ROS serial protocol
dev-ros/rosserial_server C++ implementation of the rosserial server side