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sys-boot/systemd-boot UEFI boot manager from systemd (formerly gummiboot)
x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf-loader-webp WebP Image format GdkPixbuf loader
net-fs/s3ql A full-featured file system for online data storage
net-fs/s3backer FUSE-based single file backing store via Amazon S3
net-fs/sshfs Fuse-filesystem utilizing the sftp service
dev-db/cpp-driver DataStax C/C++ Driver for Cassandra
net-fs/s3fs Amazon S3 mounting via fuse
dev-python/arpeggio Parser interpreter based on PEG grammars
dev-python/textx Meta-language for DSL implementation inspired by Xtext
dev-ruby/neovim-ruby-client Ruby bindings for Neovim