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sys-firmware/iwl8000-ucode Firmware for Intel (R) Wireless 8260 and 4165
media-sound/bluez-alsa Bluetooth Audio ALSA Backend
app-shells/ctypes-sh Foreign function interface for bash
dev-java/airline Java annotation-based framework for parsing Git like command line structures
dev-java/android-util Library providing APIs for applications written for Google Android
dev-java/moshi A modern JSON library for Android and Java
dev-java/jmh-core Harness for building, running, and analysing nano/micro/milli/macro benchmarks
dev-java/netty-codec-http Async event-driven framework for high performance network applications
dev-java/okio A modern I/O API for Java
app-laptop/mbpfan A simple daemon to control fan speed on all Macbook/Macbook Pros