Advanced Search Queries

This website provides a search functionality to find Gentoo packages. You can use field/value pairs combined with operators to run advanced search queries. The possible fields and operators are summarized in the following tables:

Possible Fields

Field Description
atom The unique identifier of a package
e.g. sys-kernel/gentoo-sources
category The category of a package
e.g. sys-kernel
name The name of a package
e.g. gentoo-sources
description The description of a package
e.g. A tiling window manager
longdescription The full descripiton of a package
e.g. xmonad is a tiling window manager for [...]
homepage The homepage of a package
license The license of a package
e.g. BSD
Maintainers The name of the maintainer
e.g. Gentoo Haskell
maintainers.description The description of the maintainers
maintainers.type The type of maintainter
e.g. project
maintainers.restrict The email of the maintainer
global The name of the global useflag
e.g. hscolour The description of the global useflag
e.g. Include coloured haskell sources to [...]
local The name of the local useflag
useflags.local.description The description of the local useflag
use_expand The name of the local use_expand
useflags.use_expand.description The description of the use_expand
useflags.use_expand.use_expand_prefix The use_expand prefix
e.g. python_targets
metadata_hash The hash of the metadata
e.g. 5cd76e098f966b4edcd1848866dd9099

Possible Operators

Operator Description
The term should appear (default)
+ The term must appear
- The term must not appear
"..." Can be used to group phrases
e.g. +description:"window manager"


  • Find all packages named git:
  • Find all packages in the category sys-kernel:
  • Find all packages with a BSD license:
  • Find all packages that neither have a BSD license nor a MIT license:
    -license:BSD -license:MIT
  • Find all packages maintained by the Haskell Team:
  • Find all packages maintained by the Haskell Team but that aren't in the 'dev-haskell' category: -category:dev-haskell
  • Find all packages those description contains 'window manager':
    +description:"window manager"
  • Find all packages that contain the use_expand 'python_targets':