The java-virtuals category contains packages which satisfy virtual dependencies. These virtuals install a file which is used by the java-config system to provide information like classpath and minimum required vm values.

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ejb-api Virtual for Enterprise JavaBeans API (javax.ejb)
interceptor-api Virtual for Interceptor API (javax.interceptor)
jms Virtual for Java Message Service (JMS) API
jmx Virtual for Java Management Extensions (JMX)
saaj-api Virtual for SAAJ 1.3 (AKA JSR-67 MR3) API
script-api Virtual for Java Scripting API (jsr223)
servlet-api Virtual for servlet api
stax-api Virtual for Streaming API for XML (StAX)
transaction-api Virtual for Transaction API (javax.transaction)
xmlrpc-api Virtual for XML RPC API (javax.xml.rpc)


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