The kde-base category contains core KDE packages.

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baloo Next generation of the Nepomuk project
freespacenotifier A module that monitors free disk space on the home dir
kactivities KDE Activity Manager
katepart KDE Editor KPart
kcheckpass A simple password checker, used by any software in need of user authentication
kcminit KCMInit - runs startups initialization for Control Modules
kde-env Environment setting required for all KDE4 apps to run
kdebase-cursors oxygen cursors from kdebase
kdebase-pam pam.d files used by several KDE components
kdebase-startkde Startkde script, which starts a complete KDE session, and associated scripts
kdelibs KDE libraries needed by all KDE programs
kdeplasma-addons Extra Plasma applets and engines
kdm KDE login manager, similar to xdm and gdm
kephal Allows handling of multihead systems via the XRandR extension
kfilemetadata A library for extracting file metadata
khotkeys KDE: hotkey daemon
kinfocenter The KDE Info Center
klipper Applet for KDE and X clipboard management
kmenuedit KDE menu editor
krosspython Kross scripting framework: Python interpreter
krunner KDE Command Runner
kscreensaver KDE screensaver framework
ksmserver The reliable KDE session manager that talks the standard X11R6
ksplash KDE splashscreen framework (the splashscreen of KDE itself, not of individual apps)
kstartupconfig KDE: Utility to launch applications with special window properties
kstyles KDE: A set of different KDE styles
ksysguard KSysguard is a network enabled task manager and system monitor application
ksystraycmd Ksystraycmd embeds applications given as argument into the system tray
kwin KDE window manager
kwrited KDE daemon listening for wall and write messages
legacy-icons KDE legacy icons
libkgreeter Conversation widgets for KDM greeter
libkworkspace A library for KDE desktop applications
liboxygenstyle Library to support the Oxygen style in KDE
libplasmaclock Libraries for KDE Plasma's clocks
libplasmagenericshell Libraries for the KDE Plasma shell
libtaskmanager A library that provides basic taskmanager functionality
plasma-workspace Plasma: KDE desktop framework
powerdevil PowerDevil is an utility for KDE4 for Laptop Powermanagement
pykde4 Python bindings for KDE4
qguiplatformplugin_kde Helps integration of pure Qt applications with KDE Workspace
solid-actions-kcm KDE control module for Solid actions
systemsettings System settings utility


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