Ebuilds for the Gentoo/FreeBSD base system software.

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boot0 FreeBSD's bootloader
freebsd-bin FreeBSD /bin tools
freebsd-cddl FreeBSD CDDL (opensolaris/zfs) extra software
freebsd-lib FreeBSD's base system libraries
freebsd-libexec FreeBSD libexec things
freebsd-mk-defs Makefile definitions used for building and installing libraries and system files
freebsd-pam-modules FreeBSD's PAM authentication modules
freebsd-pf FreeBSD's base system libraries
freebsd-rescue FreeBSD's rescue binaries
freebsd-sbin FreeBSD sbin utils
freebsd-share FreeBSD shared tools/files
freebsd-sources FreeBSD kernel sources
freebsd-ubin FreeBSD's base system source for /usr/bin
freebsd-usbin FreeBSD /usr/sbin tools
ubin-wrappers /usr/bin wrapper scripts for FreeBSD script compatibility


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