Saturday FAQ

It broke/doesn't do XYZ! Where do I complain?
Login at the Gentoo Bugzilla, and click here.
If you have a rendering bug in the page, please attach a screenshot.
If you want a new feature, be sure to read the TODO list first.
Short packages2 TODO list
This is not the comprehensive version of the TODO list.
That may be found in the /todo/ directory of the source code.
  • "Search": match a given string against: a substring in packages names, and description
  • "Similar Packages": same feature from previous version, use the name and description as search data
  • "Newly Stable": packages that were not in stable in the previous pass, but are now
Where are the RSS feeds?
We decided to go with Atom instead of RSS for this time, but may add both in future.
For the Atom feeds, the page headers contain a link to the main feed, as well as a feed specific to the page you are on if applicable. These feeds are also linked from the bottom of the right sidebar.
Lastly, the URLs for the feeds of the old are redirected to the new locations, and will remain redirected so until August 2009.
What URLs are available?
All changes
/categories/ [HTML]
List of categories, with numbers of packages and numbers of ebuilds.
Ordered alphabetically.
Changes in the specified category only.
Ordered by change timestamp, most recent first.
Optional query parameters:
Instead of the most recent changes for the category, display all packages,
in alphabetical order. The count parameter is ignored.
Limit the left sidebar to changes in this category only.
Changes for the specified package only.
If no category is provided, any matching package is listed.
You can include a version string for ease of use, but it is ignored.
Changes in packages marked with a given architecture only.
Ordered by change timestamp, most recent first.
If it has the keyword, and it is changed, it is included here, regardless of the content of the change.
You may include an optional mode argument:
not specified
All changes for the given arch
Only changed ebuilds with the stable keyword for the arch
Only changed ebuilds with the unstable keyword for the arch
Only changed ebuilds that are package.masked on the arch
Version bumps only. Please read the note about bump detection.
Ordered by change timestamp, most recent first.
New packages only. Please read the note about bump detection.
Ordered by change timestamp, most recent first.
Produce an Atom XML feed of any of the above data pages.
Only the optional query parameters marked with RSS are accepted by the feeds.
Ordered by change timestamp, most recent first.
Global optional parameters
The URLs above will all accept the following parameters in the query string of the URL.
?count=x [HTML+RSS]
x: integer between 1 and 200
Allowing to modify count of packages shown in center
?left_daycount=x [HTML]
x: integer between 1 and 5
When above parameter is set and this parameter too, daycount on the left can be lowered or raised
(default if unset: 2)
?arches=x [HTML]
x: one of 'common', 'exotic', 'all', 'prefix', 'linux', 'fbsd'
linux = all Linux arches
prefix = all Prefix arches
fbsd = all FreeBSD arches
all = every arch from the above 3
exotic = Rare Linux arches
common = linux - exotic
(default if unset: 'common')
The dynamic URLs from the old version of the site are not serviced any more, and using one of them will give you a redirect to the frontpage. This removes the error-prone parsing that was used in the previous version of the site. The old static URLs are forwarded until August 2009 only.
Where is my arch XYZ?
Due to page width constraints, we have broken down the arch display as follows:
Common: alpha, amd64, arm, hppa, ia64, ppc, ppc64, sparc, x86
Exotic: arm64, mips, m68k, s390, sh, (all of prefix), (all of fbsd)
All: Both sets of arches
If you want to switch between these lists easily, look for the little C-E-A to the right of the 'Arches' legend.
How does packages2 detect changes?
Because of Bug #139134, tracking the mtimes of the .ebuilds is not a reliable mark of picking up changed ebuilds.
Instead, we track the checksums of ebuilds and ChangeLogs. If the checksum on the ChangeLog has changed since the last pass, we re-read all ebuilds for that package to find the actual changes.
Additionally, we check for changes in the main package.mask, and re-compute the keywords affected by those changes.
How does packages2 detect version bumps?
While this isn't a problem while the database is incrementally updated, it will crop up occasionally if the database is rebuilt. Version bumps and new packages are detected by the ebuild or package being present in the current run that were not present in the previous run. If the database is rebuilt from empty, the previous run data is not available, so all packages and ebuilds are considered as new.
Who wrote packages2?
Thanks to the following people for their work on packages2:
  • Markus Ullmann (jokey) - getting the ball rolling on this version
  • Robin H. Johnson (robbat2) - handling the infra side and lots of coding
  • Dawid Węgliński (cla) - writing the initial template for packages2
Where can I get the source to packages2?
The git tree is available on the Gentoo Git system, with a public read-only copy here:
The site changelog is located here.

Last update:
30 Aug 2015
02:01 UTC