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Added Packages

acct-user/vnstat User for vnstat network monitoring
acct-group/vnstat Group for vnstat network monitoring
sci-visualization/jupyter-dash Plotly Dash apps from within Jupyter environments
dev-python/pulsectl Python high-level interface and ctypes-based bindings for PulseAudio (libpulse)
media-plugins/kodi-pvr-zattoo Zattoo PVR addon for Kodi
app-crypt/openpgp-keys-danielveillard OpenPGP keys used by Daniel Veillard
sci-visualization/dash Python framework for building ML & data science web apps
sci-visualization/dash-core-components Core components suite for Dash
sci-visualization/dash-html-components Vanilla HTML components for Dash
sci-visualization/dash-table First-Class interactive DataTable for Dash

Updated Packages