Gentoo Packages /arch/sparc//stable/ Gentoo Packages2 2015-07-08T06:01:17Z <div> <span class="cpvstr">app-arch/lzip-1.16</span>: <span class="description">lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm</span> </div> Lars Wendler (polynomial-c) 2015-07-07T15:31:02Z
07 Jul 2015; Lars Wendler (polynomial-c) lzip-1.16.ebuild,
Fixed license as requested by upstream author.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sys-apps/iproute2-3.19.0</span>: <span class="description">kernel routing and traffic control utilities</span> </div> Mike Frysinger (vapier) 2015-07-07T16:07:02Z
*iproute2-4.1.1 (07 Jul 2015)
07 Jul 2015; Mike Frysinger (vapier) +iproute2-4.1.1.ebuild:
Version bump and revise libmnl handling.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sys-devel/automake-wrapper-10</span>: <span class="description">wrapper for automake to manage multiple automake versions</span> </div> Mike Frysinger (vapier) 2015-07-06T08:31:17Z
06 Jul 2015; Mike Frysinger (vapier) automake-wrapper-10.ebuild:
Stabilize for all #553738 by William Hubbs.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">net-analyzer/wireshark-1.12.6</span>: <span class="description">A network protocol analyzer formerly known as ethereal</span> </div> Jeroen Roovers (jer) 2015-07-06T03:31:13Z
06 Jul 2015; Jeroen Roovers (jer) wireshark-1.12.6.ebuild,
wireshark-1.99.7.ebuild, wireshark-99999999.ebuild,
Qt build does not need -fPIE (maybe bug #552440).
<div> <span class="cpvstr">net-libs/libmnl-1.0.3-r1</span>: <span class="description">Minimalistic netlink library</span> </div> Anthony G. Basile (blueness) 2015-07-05T16:31:14Z
05 Jul 2015; Anthony G. Basile (blueness) libmnl-1.0.3-r1.ebuild:
Keyword ~mips.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">media-libs/libepoxy-1.2</span>: <span class="description">Epoxy is a library for handling OpenGL function pointer management for you</span> </div> Anthony G. Basile (blueness) 2015-07-05T16:01:12Z
05 Jul 2015; Anthony G. Basile (blueness) libepoxy-1.2.ebuild,
Keyword ~mips, ~ppc and ~ppc64.
<div> <span class="cpvstr">sys-apps/openrc-0.17</span>: <span class="description">OpenRC manages the services, startup and shutdown of a host</span> </div> Mikle Kolyada (zlogene) 2015-07-05T14:31:17Z
05 Jul 2015; Mikle Kolyada (zlogene) openrc-0.17.ebuild:
x86 stable wrt bug #553580
<div> <span class="cpvstr">net-dialup/ppp-scripts-0</span>: <span class="description">Common set of scripts for various PPP implementations</span> </div> Sergey Popov (pinkbyte) 2015-07-05T12:01:15Z
05 Jul 2015; Sergey Popov (pinkbyte) ppp-scripts-0.ebuild:
Transfer stable keywords from net-dialup/ppp, cause this package is only
splitted script part of it and those scripts are unchanged
<div> <span class="cpvstr">media-sound/sox-14.4.2</span>: <span class="description">The swiss army knife of sound processing programs</span> </div> Mikle Kolyada (zlogene) 2015-07-04T17:31:13Z
04 Jul 2015; Mikle Kolyada (zlogene) sox-14.4.2.ebuild:
amd64 stable wrt bug #511778
<div> <span class="cpvstr">media-libs/gstreamer-1.4.5</span>: <span class="description">Open source multimedia framework</span> </div> Tobias Klausmann (klausman) 2015-07-04T15:31:12Z
04 Jul 2015; Tobias Klausmann (klausman) gstreamer-1.4.5.ebuild:
Stable on alpha, bug 519258