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Added Packages

media-libs/oneVPL-intel-gpu oneAPI Video Processing Library Intel GPU implementation
media-libs/oneVPL-cpu oneAPI Video Processing Library CPU implementation
media-libs/oneVPL oneAPI Video Processing Library, dispatcher, tools, and examples
media-libs/svt-hevc Scalable Video Technology for HEVC (SVT-HEVC Encoder)
sci-mathematics/picosat SAT solver with proof and core support
dev-java/coursier-bin Java/Scala artifact fetching, bundling and deploying
app-containers/docker-buildx Docker CLI plugin for extended build capabilities with BuildKit
dev-libs/libmcfp A library that can collect configuration options from command line arguments
app-emacs/exheres-mode Major mode for editing files in exheres format
dev-lang/nprolog Interpreter and compiler to be compatible with Arity/Prolog32

Updated Packages