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Version amd64 x86 alpha arm arm64 hppa ia64 ppc ppc64 sparc
1.2 : 0 M, B ~amd64 ~x86 ?alpha ?arm ?arm64 ?hppa ?ia64 ~ppc ?ppc64 ?sparc
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  • No license, therefore we have no permission to redistribute these packages on Gentoo mirrors. Distfiles are unversioned zipballs, which are updated in place when a new version is released. Since this will break digests, mirror restriction is not feasible. Masked for removal in 30 days. Bug #703604.
    app-dicts/sword-ab, app-dicts/sword-abs_essay_goodsam_swb, app-dicts/sword-br_en, app-dicts/sword-bulcarigradnt, app-dicts/sword-bwe, app-dicts/sword-chincvs, app-dicts/sword-chincvt, app-dicts/sword-chiun, app-dicts/sword-chiuns, app-dicts/sword-czecep, app-dicts/sword-czekms, app-dicts/sword-czenkb, app-dicts/sword-dbd, app-dicts/sword-emtv, app-dicts/sword-est, app-dicts/sword-family, app-dicts/sword-finpr92, app-dicts/sword-frecrl, app-dicts/sword-hebmodern, app-dicts/sword-hunuj, app-dicts/sword-icelandic, app-dicts/sword-kekchi, app-dicts/sword-korean, app-dicts/sword-la_en, app-dicts/sword-latvian, app-dicts/sword-maori, app-dicts/sword-romcor, app-dicts/sword-umgreek, app-dicts/sword-xhosa
    Ulrich Müller <> (2020-01-06)