A Gentoo-made binary build of the IcedTea JDK

Available Versions

Version amd64 x86 alpha arm hppa ia64 ppc ppc64 sparc : 7 P, S [M]amd64 [M]x86 [M]alpha [M]arm [M]hppa [M]ia64 [M]ppc [M]ppc64 [M]sparc : 7 P, S [M]amd64 [M]x86 [M]alpha [M]arm [M]hppa [M]ia64 [M]ppc [M]ppc64 [M]sparc
3.0.1 : 8 P, S [M]amd64 [M]x86 [M]alpha [M]arm [M]hppa [M]ia64 [M]ppc [M]ppc64 [M]sparc
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  • Bye bye Java 6! If you really still need it then gnu_andrew will continue to maintain icedtea:6 in java-overlay but it is not supported by Java team at all. IBM's JVM is still alive but downloads are behind a registration wall and Java team does not wish to support it. haubi may provide IBM updates though probably only for ppc-aix. Removal in 30 days.
    dev-java/apple-jdk-bin, dev-java/hp-jdk-bin, dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin:1.6, dev-java/ibm-jre-bin:1.6, dev-java/icedtea-bin:6, <dev-java/icedtea-, dev-java/soylatte-jdk-bin, virtual/jdk:1.6, virtual/jre:1.6
    James Le Cuirot <> (14 Mar 2016)
  • This is built for armv7a and will not work on earlier generations.
    James Le Cuirot <> (24 May 2015)