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  • The following packages are unmaintained and do not declare support for Python 3. Most of them are either in need of version bumps, or are dead upstream (haven't had a release since 2009-2015). None of them have any reverse dependencies. Removal in 30 days. Bug #694280.
    dev-python/Ming, dev-python/casuarius, dev-python/imdbpy, dev-python/kaa-base, dev-python/kaa-display, dev-python/kaa-imlib2, dev-python/kaa-metadata, dev-python/larch, dev-python/pybloomfiltermmap, dev-python/pylirc, dev-python/pyringe, dev-python/pystdf, dev-python/python-dsv, dev-python/python-gudev, dev-python/python-spidermonkey, dev-python/python-virtkey, dev-python/rtf2xml, dev-python/tmdb3, dev-python/tracing, dev-python/txsocksx, dev-python/wsgilog, dev-python/xmpppy
    Michał Górny <> (2019-09-14)