Reproject astronomical images with Python

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  • Astronomy-related Python packages and their revdeps. They are unmaintained. Most of them are outdated. None of them were tested on Python 3.7, some even on 3.6. The leaf packages are 2.7-only. All of them depend on astropy which has an unconditional dependency on ipython, which in turn dropped py2 support. Bug #701454. Removal in 30 days.
    dev-python/aplpy, dev-python/asdf, dev-python/astlib, dev-python/astrodendro, dev-python/astroml-addons, dev-python/astroml, dev-python/astroplan, dev-python/astropy-helpers, dev-python/astropy, dev-python/astroquery, dev-python/astroscrappy, dev-python/atpy, dev-python/ccdproc, dev-python/gammapy, dev-python/ginga, dev-python/glue-vispy-viewers, dev-python/glueviz, dev-python/gwcs, dev-python/healpy, dev-python/imexam, dev-python/montage-wrapper, dev-python/naima, dev-python/photutils, dev-python/pyavm, dev-python/pydl, dev-python/pyfits, dev-python/pymoc, dev-python/pyregion, dev-python/regions, dev-python/reproject, dev-python/spectral-cube, dev-python/specutils, dev-python/stsci-distutils, dev-python/stsci-sphinxext, dev-python/sunpy, dev-python/wcsaxes, sci-astronomy/astrometry, sci-astronomy/kapteyn
    Michał Górny <> (2019-11-29)