Think Active Record for web resources

Available Versions

Version amd64 x86 alpha arm hppa ia64 ppc ppc64 sparc
4.1.0 : 4.1 [M]amd64 [M]x86 [M]alpha [M]arm [M]hppa [M]ia64 [M]ppc [M]ppc64 [M]sparc
4.0.0 : 4.0 [M]amd64 [M]x86 [M]alpha [M]arm [M]hppa [M]ia64 [M]ppc [M]ppc64 [M]sparc : 3.2 [M]amd64 [M]x86 [M]alpha [M]arm [M]hppa [M]ia64 [M]ppc [M]ppc64 [M]sparc
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  • With the release of Rails 5.0 versions older than 4.2 are no longer supported. Mask Rails 3.2 and related packages for removal in 30 days.
    dev-ruby/rails:3.2, dev-ruby/railties:3.2, dev-ruby/activerecord:3.2, dev-ruby/actionmailer:3.2, dev-ruby/actionpack:3.2, dev-ruby/activeresource:3.2, dev-ruby/activemodel:3.2, dev-ruby/activesupport:3.2, dev-ruby/coffee-rails:3.2, dev-ruby/mongoid, dev-ruby/sass-rails:3.2, dev-ruby/activeldap:3, =www-apps/redmine-2.6.10
    Hans de Graaff <> (1 Jul 2016)