suite of tools for analyzing executables to find specific chunks of code

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  • Old ruby24-only rails version that is no longer supported upstream and has known security issues, including dependencies and slots specific to Rails 4.2. Migrate to Rails 5.2. Masked for removal in 30 days. Metasploit is a reverse dependency on Rails 4.2 Upstream shows no sign of moving to a supported Rails version. Metasploit will most likely be moved to an overlay.
    dev-ruby/rails:4.2, dev-ruby/railties:4.2, dev-ruby/activerecord:4.2, dev-ruby/actionmailer:4.2, dev-ruby/actionpack:4.2, dev-ruby/actionview:4.2, dev-ruby/activejob:4.2, dev-ruby/activemodel:4.2, dev-ruby/activesupport:4.2, dev-ruby/arel:6.0, dev-ruby/actionpack-xml_parser:0, dev-ruby/jquery-rails:3, dev-ruby/postgres_ext, dev-ruby/protected_attributes, dev-ruby/rails-dom-testing:1, dev-ruby/web-console:0, dev-ruby/metasploit-concern, dev-ruby/metasploit-credential, dev-ruby/metasploit-model, dev-ruby/metasploit_data_models, net-analyzer/metasploit, dev-ruby/rex-arch, dev-ruby/rex-bin_tools, dev-ruby/rex-core, dev-ruby/rex-encoder, dev-ruby/rex-exploitation, dev-ruby/rex-java, dev-ruby/rex-mime, dev-ruby/rex-nop, dev-ruby/rex-ole, dev-ruby/rex-powershell, dev-ruby/rex-random_identifier, dev-ruby/rex-registry, dev-ruby/rex-rop_builder, dev-ruby/rex-socket, dev-ruby/rex-sslscan, dev-ruby/rex-struct2, dev-ruby/rex-text, dev-ruby/rex-zip
    Hans de Graaff <> (2020-03-29)