A console player for AdLib music

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Version amd64 x86 alpha arm arm64 hppa ia64 ppc ppc64 sparc
1.8 : 0 amd64 x86 ?alpha ?arm ?arm64 ?hppa ?ia64 ~ppc ?ppc64 ?sparc
1.7 : 0 amd64 x86 ?alpha ?arm ?arm64 ?hppa ?ia64 ~ppc ?ppc64 ?sparc
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  • Upstream is mostly unresponsive and doesn't have the resources to fix their code. Lots of bugs in the form of big endian issues, buffer overflows, heap overflows, memory leaks and missing sanity checks. Includes libbinio, which is only used by adplug and in a similarly poor state. Multiple open CVEs, removal in 30 days. Bug #667170, #706346.
    media-libs/adplug, dev-cpp/libbinio, media-sound/adplay
    David Seifert <> (2020-01-25)