IBM AS/400 telnet client which emulates 5250 terminals/printers

Available Versions

Version amd64 x86 alpha arm arm64 hppa ia64 ppc ppc64 sparc
0.17.4-r3 : 0 ~amd64 ~x86 ?alpha ?arm ?arm64 ?hppa ?ia64 ~ppc ?ppc64 ~sparc
0.17.4-r2 : 0 ~amd64 ~x86 ?alpha ?arm ?arm64 ?hppa ?ia64 ~ppc ?ppc64 ~sparc
0.17.4-r1 : 0 amd64 x86 ?alpha ?arm ?arm64 ?hppa ?ia64 ppc ?ppc64 ~sparc
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Package Metadata


  • The following packages are unmaintained and fail to build against openssl-1.1+. # app-crypt/keynote: #675010, last updated upstream in 2000 dev-util/skipfish: #675124, last upstream commit in 2012 dev-util/wsta: #674004, no fix upstream, also #631610, #674526 games-util/gtkevemon: #675988, upstream API shut down mail-client/nail: #676008, last commit in 2010, also #508480 mail-client/nmh: #676938, needs bump, 2014, also #676938, #680596 mail-filter/libdkim: #674892, no revdeps, last release in 2010 net-analyzer/bro: #675014, needs bump, current version is from 2015 net-analyzer/ffp: #674244, dead homepage, current version added 2005 net-analyzer/nodebrain: #674796, last commits in 2015 net-analyzer/postal: #677478, last release in 2012 net-ftp/netkit-ftpd: #676000, last rel in 2000, also #236290, #540330 net-im/ayttm: #676242, last commits in 2011 (+ one secfix in 2015) net-im/climm: #674160, dead homepage, last commits in 2010 net-irc/bip: #674240, may need new snapshot, current ver is from 2013 net-irc/epic4: #677734, needs bump, current is from 2009, also #613120 net-irc/shadowircd: #674528, dead homepage, last commits in 2012 net-mail/peephole: #675012, last release from 2006 net-mail/qpopper: #674896, discontinued, from 2011, also #541996 net-mail/up-imapproxy: #674234, last commits in 2016, also #643898 net-mail/uw-imap: #678606, last upstream release in 2011 net-mail/uw-mailutils: #674174, same as uw-imap net-misc/sslwrap: #674524, last updated upstream in 2000 net-misc/stone: #675612, needs new snapshot, current ver is from 2008 net-misc/tn5250: #678684, last commits in 2012 net-proxy/ufdbguard: #677482, needs bump, current ver is from 2016 sys-apps/nca: #676240, last updated upstream in 2004 x11-plugins/wmpeople: revdep of net-mail/peephole, from 2004 # Removal in 30 days.
    app-crypt/keynote, dev-util/skipfish, dev-util/wsta, games-util/gtkevemon, mail-client/nail, mail-client/nmh, mail-filter/libdkim, net-analyzer/bro, net-analyzer/ffp, net-analyzer/nodebrain, net-analyzer/postal, net-ftp/netkit-ftpd, net-im/ayttm, net-im/climm, net-irc/bip, net-irc/epic4, net-irc/shadowircd, net-mail/peephole, net-mail/qpopper, net-mail/up-imapproxy, net-mail/uw-imap, net-mail/uw-mailutils, net-misc/sslwrap, net-misc/stone, net-misc/tn5250, net-proxy/ufdbguard, sys-apps/nca, x11-plugins/wmpeople
    Michał Górny <> (21 Mar 2019)