A reverse polish notation (RPN) calculator based on GTK+ and libmath


Pkgcheck Warnings

  • All Versions
    • UnstableOnly
      for arches: [ amd64, x86 ], all versions are unstable: [ 1.4.0 ]
  • 1.4.0
    • DeprecatedEapi
      uses deprecated EAPI 6
    • DeprecatedEclass
      uses deprecated eclass: eutils (migrate to native package manager functions, more specific eclasses)
    • IndirectInherits
      desktop: indirect inherit usage: 'newicon icon.png ${PN}.png', line 36
    • UnusedInherits
      unused eclass: eutils

Pkgcheck is used regularly to generate QA reports. Pkgcheck is a pkgcore-based QA utility for ebuild repos.