Local USE flag

Packages describing “clock-panel-plugin” as local USE flag

Package “clock-panel-plugin” Flag Description
app-office/orage Build the clock plugin for the XFCE panel
app-portage/layman Install the sys-apps/portage sync module
dev-db/percona-server Builds the TokuDB backup plugin
dev-libs/starpu Enable GCC extension plugin (experimental)
media-libs/openh264 Install the Gecko Media Plugin (GMP) for use with Mozilla packages
media-sound/ncmpcpp Enable clock screen
media-sound/pulseaudio Request installing media-plugins/alsa-plugins with PulseAudio plugin enabled. This ensures that clients supporting ALSA only will use PulseAudio.
net-analyzer/wireshark Install plugin interface demo
net-irc/hexchat Build SysInfo plugin (needs plugins)
net-wireless/kismet Build the syslog plugin.
xfce-base/thunar Build the trash status indicator plugin for the XFCE panel
xfce-extra/xfce4-power-manager Build the power management plugin for the XFCE panel