local USE flag

Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking

Packages describing “consolekit” as local USE flag

Package “consolekit” Flag Description
net-misc/networkmanager Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking
app-emulation/spice-vdagent Use sys-auth/consolekit to determine the master vdagentd in case of multiple running vdagentds (highly recommended)
lxde-base/lxdm Enables support for authorization using consolekit
mate-extra/mate-screensaver Enable support for sys-auth/consolekit
x11-misc/cdm Enable native consolekit support
sys-auth/ykpers Use sys-auth/consolekit and virtual/udev to allow access to the YubiKey HID device to the console user.
x11-apps/xdm Enable native sys-auth/consolekit support
x11-misc/sddm Use ck-launch-session from sys-auth/consolekit by default in Xsession (no native support)
x11-misc/slim Enable native consolekit support
sys-apps/fwupd Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking
x11-misc/light-locker Keep track of the various users, sessions, and seats present on the system.
kde-plasma/kscreenlocker Support for killing the screenlocker when sys-auth/consolekit is the session tracker
gnome-base/gnome-session Support sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking
sys-auth/polkit Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking
sys-apps/accountsservice Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking
sys-apps/qingy Enable native consolekit support
sys-auth/pambase Enable pam_ck_connector module on local system logins. This allows for console logins to make use of ConsoleKit authorization.
xfce-extra/xfce4-screensaver Enable ConsoleKit support

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