Global USE flag

Enable configuration through gnome-base/gconf.

Packages describing “gconf” as local USE flag

Package “gconf” Flag Description
net-im/swift Enable configuration through gnome-base/gconf.
media-sound/pulseaudio Ensure gnome-base/gconf is present for pulseaudio GConf to GSettings module automatic migration (keeping the user configuration)
app-editors/emacs Use gnome-base/gconf to read the system font name
app-forensics/openscap Build the gconf independant probes
app-i18n/ibus Enable support for gnome-base/gconf
app-i18n/ibus-chewing Enable support for gnome-base/gconf
dev-java/gnu-classpath Build with GConf preferences backend
app-i18n/imsettings Enable support for gnome-base/gconf