Local USE flag

Packages describing “haskell-daemons” as local USE flag

Package “haskell-daemons” Flag Description
app-emulation/ganeti Build haskell daemons instead of python
dev-haskell/happstack-server Description: Template Haskell is available on this system
dev-haskell/linear You can disable the use of the `template-haskell` package using `-f-template-haskell`. Disabling this is an unsupported configuration, but it may be useful for accelerating builds in sandboxes for expert users.
dev-haskell/monad-logger Enable Template Haskell support.
dev-haskell/quickcheck Enable additional test modules requiring Template Haskell support.
dev-haskell/reflection Enable template haskell.
dev-util/diffoscope Use dev-lang/ghc
sci-biology/abyss build abyss-samtobreak tool, pull in haskell toolchain