Asturian and Catalan locale (Valencia)

Other “LINGUAS” USE_EXPAND flag values

Use Flag Description
linguas_ach Acoli locale
linguas_af Afrikaans locale
linguas_af_ZA Afrikaans locale for South Africa
linguas_ak Akan locale
linguas_am Amharic locale
linguas_an Aragonese locale
linguas_ar Arabic locale
linguas_ar_JO Arabic locale for Jordan
linguas_ar_SA Arabic locale for Saudi-Arabia
linguas_ar_SY Arabic locale for Syria
linguas_as Assamese locale
linguas_ast Asturian locale
linguas_az Azeri locale
linguas_be Belarusian locale
linguas_be@latin Belarusian (latin) locale
linguas_be_BY Belarusian locale
linguas_bg Bulgarian locale
linguas_bg_BG Bulgarian locale
linguas_bn Bengali locale
linguas_bn_BD Bengali locale for Bangladesh
linguas_bn_IN Bengali locale for India
linguas_bo Tibetan locale
linguas_br Breton locale
linguas_brx Bodo locale for India
linguas_bs Bosnian locale
linguas_byn Bilin (Bilen, Blin) locale
linguas_ca Catalan locale
linguas_ca@valencia Catalan locale (Valencia)
linguas_ca_ES Catalan locale for Spain
linguas_ca_XV Asturian and Catalan locale (Valencia)
linguas_cmn Chinese (Mandarin) locale
linguas_crh Crimean Tatar (Crimean Turkish) locale
linguas_cs Czech locale
linguas_cs_CZ Czech locale for Czech Republic
linguas_csb Kashubian locale
linguas_cy Welsh locale
linguas_cy_GB Welsh locale
linguas_da Danish locale
linguas_da_DK Danish locale for Denmark
linguas_de German locale
linguas_de_CH German locale for Switzerland
linguas_de_DE German locale for Germany
linguas_dgo Dogri locale for India
linguas_doi Dogri locale
linguas_dz Dzongkha locale
linguas_ee Ewe locale
linguas_el Greek locale
linguas_el_GR Greek locale
linguas_en English locale
linguas_en@shaw Shavian locale
linguas_en_AU English locale for Australia
linguas_en_CA English locale for Canada
linguas_en_EN English locale
linguas_en_GB English locale for Britain
linguas_en_US English locale
linguas_en_ZA English locale for South Africa
linguas_eo Esperanto locale
linguas_eo_UY Esperanto locale for Uruguay
linguas_es Spanish locale
linguas_es_419 Latin American Spanish locale
linguas_es_AR Spanish locale for Argentina
linguas_es_CL Spanish locale for Chile
linguas_es_CO Spanish locale for Columbia
linguas_es_DO Spanish locale for Dominican Republic
linguas_es_ES Spanish locale for Spain
linguas_es_LA Spanish locale for Latin America
linguas_es_MX Spanish locale for Mexico
linguas_es_UY Spanish locale for Uruguay
linguas_es_VE Spanish locale for Venezuela
linguas_et Estonian locale
linguas_et_EE Estonian locale
linguas_eu Basque locale
linguas_eu_ES Basque locale for Spain
linguas_fa Persian locale
linguas_fa_IR Persian locale for Iran
linguas_fi Finnish locale
linguas_fi_FI Finnish locale
linguas_fil Filipino locale
linguas_fo Faroese locale
linguas_fr French locale
linguas_fr_CA French locale for Canada
linguas_fr_FR French locale for France
linguas_fy Frisian locale
linguas_fy_NL Frisian language locale for the Netherlands
linguas_ga Irish locale
linguas_ga_IE Irish locale for Ireland
linguas_gd Gaelic locale
linguas_gez Ge'ez locale
linguas_gl Galician locale
linguas_gl_ES Galician locale for Spain
linguas_gu Gujarati locale
linguas_gu_IN Gujarati locale for India
linguas_gug Paraguayan (Guarani) locale
linguas_haw Hawaiian locale
linguas_he Hebrew locale
linguas_he_IL Hebrew locale for Israel
linguas_hi Hindi locale
linguas_hi_IN Hindi locale
linguas_hne Chhattisgarhi locale
linguas_hr Croatian locale
linguas_hr_HR Croatian locale
linguas_hsb Upper Sorbian locale
linguas_hu Hungarian locale
linguas_hu_HU Hungarian locale
linguas_hy Armenian locale
linguas_hy_AM Armenian locale
linguas_ia Interlingua locale
linguas_id Indonesian locale
linguas_id_ID Indonesian locale
linguas_is Icelandic locale
linguas_is_IS Icelandic locale for Iceland
linguas_it Italian locale
linguas_it_IT Italian locale
linguas_ja Japanese locale
linguas_ja_JP Japanese locale
linguas_jv Javanese locale
linguas_ka Georgian locale
linguas_ka_GE Georgian locale
linguas_kk Kazakh locale
linguas_kk_KZ Kazakh (Kazakhstan) locale
linguas_km Khmer locale
linguas_kn Kannada locale
linguas_kn_IN Kannada locale for India
linguas_ko Korean locale
linguas_ko_KR Korean locale
linguas_kok Konkani locale
linguas_ks Kashmiri locale
linguas_ksw S'gaw Karen locale
linguas_ku Kurdish (latin) locale
linguas_ky Kyrgyz (Kirghiz) locale
linguas_ky_KG Kyrgyz (Kirghiz) locale for Kyrgyzstan
linguas_lb Luxembourgish locale
linguas_lg Ganda locale
linguas_li Limburgian locale
linguas_lo Lao locale
linguas_lt Lithuanian locale
linguas_lt_LT Lithuanian locale
linguas_lv Latvian locale
linguas_lv_LV Latvian locale for Latvia
linguas_mai Maithili locale
linguas_me Montenegrin (Crnogorski) locale
linguas_mg Malagasy locale
linguas_mi Maori locale
linguas_mk Macedonian locale
linguas_ml Malayalam locale
linguas_mn Mongolian locale
linguas_mni Manipuri locale
linguas_mr Marathi locale
linguas_ms Malay locale
linguas_ms_MY Malay locale for Malaysia
linguas_mt Maltese locale
linguas_my Burmese locale
linguas_nan Min Nan locale
linguas_nb Norwegian (Bokmal) locale
linguas_nb_NO Norwegian (Bokmal) locale for Norway
linguas_nds Low Saxon locale
linguas_ne Nepali locale
linguas_nl Dutch locale
linguas_nl_BE Dutch locale for Belgium (Flemish)
linguas_nl_NL Dutch locale for the Netherlands
linguas_nn Nynorsk locale
linguas_nn_NO Nynorsk locale for Norway
linguas_no Norwegian locale
linguas_nqo N'Ko locale
linguas_nr Ndebele (South) locale
linguas_nso Northern Sotho locale
linguas_oc Occitan locale
linguas_om Oromo locale
linguas_or Oriya locale
linguas_pa Punjabi locale for India
linguas_pa_IN Punjabi locale for India
linguas_pam Kapampangan locale
linguas_pl Polish locale
linguas_pl_PL Polish locale
linguas_ps Pushto locale
linguas_pt Portuguese locale
linguas_pt_BR Portuguese locale for Brasil
linguas_pt_PT Portuguese locale for Portugal
linguas_rm Romansh locale
linguas_ro Romanian locale
linguas_ro_RO Romanian locale for Romania
linguas_ru Russian locale
linguas_ru_RU Russian locale for Russia
linguas_rue Rusyn locale
linguas_rw Kinyarwanda locale
linguas_sa Sanskrit locale
linguas_sa_IN Sanskrit locale for India
linguas_sat Santali locale
linguas_sco Scots locale
linguas_sd Sindhi locale
linguas_se Northern Saami locale
linguas_shn Shan locale
linguas_si Sinhala locale
linguas_si_LK Sinhala locale
linguas_sk Slovak locale
linguas_sk_SK Slovak locale
linguas_sl Slovenian locale
linguas_sl_SI Slovenian locale
linguas_so Somali locale
linguas_son Songhai locale
linguas_sq Albanian locale
linguas_sq_AL Albanian locale
linguas_sr Serbian locale
linguas_sr@Latn Serbian (latin) locale
linguas_sr@ijekavian Serbian-Ijekavian locale
linguas_sr@ijekavianlatin Serbian-Ijekavian (latin) locale
linguas_sr@latin Serbian (latin) locale
linguas_sr_RS Serbian locale for Serbia
linguas_sr_RS@cyrillic Serbian (cyrillic) locale for Serbia
linguas_sr_RS@latin Serbian (latin) locale for Serbia
linguas_ss Swati locale
linguas_st Southern Sotho locale
linguas_sv Swedish locale
linguas_sv_SE Swedish locale for Sweden
linguas_sw Swahili locale
linguas_sw_TZ Swahili locale for Tanzania
linguas_syc Syriac locale
linguas_ta Tamil locale
linguas_ta_IN Tamil locale
linguas_ta_LK Tamil locale for Sri Lanka
linguas_te Telugu locale
linguas_tg Tajik locale
linguas_tg_TJ Tajik locale Tajikistan
linguas_th Thai locale
linguas_th_TH Thai locale Thailand
linguas_ti Tigrinya locale
linguas_tig Tigre locale
linguas_tk Turkmen locale
linguas_tl Tagalog locale
linguas_tlh Klingon locale
linguas_tn Tswana locale
linguas_tpi Tok Pisin locale
linguas_tr Turkish locale
linguas_tr_TR Turkish locale for Turkey
linguas_ts Tsonga locale
linguas_tt Tatar locale
linguas_tt@iqtelif Tatar (iqtelif) locale
linguas_tt_RU Tatar language locale for Russia
linguas_ug Uighur locale
linguas_uk Ukrainian locale
linguas_uk_UA Ukrainian locale for Ukraine
linguas_ur Urdu locale
linguas_ur_PK Urdu language locale for Pakistan
linguas_uz Uzbek locale
linguas_uz@Cyrl Uzbek (Cyrillic) locale
linguas_uz@Latn Uzbek (latin) locale
linguas_uz@cyrillic Uzbek (cyrillic) locale
linguas_uz_UZ Uzbek locale for Uzbekistan
linguas_ve Venda locale
linguas_vi Vietnamese locale
linguas_vi_VN Vietnamese locale
linguas_wa Walloon locale
linguas_wal Wolaytta (Walamo) locale
linguas_wo Wolof locale
linguas_xh Xhosa locale
linguas_yi Yiddish locale
linguas_zh Chinese locale
linguas_zh_CN Chinese locale for Peoples Republic of China
linguas_zh_HK Chinese locale for Hong Kong
linguas_zh_TW Chinese locale for Taiwan
linguas_zu Zulu locale
linguas_kab Kabyle locale
linguas_no_NO Norwegian locale for Norway
linguas_frp Franco-Provençal locale
linguas_mk_MK Macedonian locale for Macedonia
linguas_fur Friullian locale
linguas_la Latin locale
linguas_sah Sakha (Yakut) locale
linguas_ckb Kurdish (Sorani) locale
linguas_co Corsican locale
linguas_ii Nousu locale
linguas_pap Papiamento locale
linguas_sc Sardinian locale
linguas_ku_IQ Kurdish (latin) locale for Iraq
linguas_de@1901 German locale with old spelling

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