Local USE flag

Packages describing “lprng-compat” as local USE flag

Package “lprng-compat” Flag Description
dev-haskell/tls Accept SSLv2 compatible handshake.
media-gfx/openvdb Disables newer features to maintain compatibility with ABI4. Enabled by default.
net-analyzer/net-snmp Build UCD compatibility library. Increases significantly the install size.
net-dns/avahi Enable compat libraries for mDNSResponder
net-mail/isync Enable legacy utilities
net-print/cups Do not install lp... binaries so cups and lprng can coexist.
sci-visualization/gnuplot Enable backwards compatibility with version 4 syntax
sys-fs/dosfstools Install symlinks for legacy names of the tools
sys-libs/libxcrypt Build with compatibility interfaces for other crypt implementations
sys-libs/talloc Enable extra compatibility stuff
sys-libs/uclibc-ng Explicitly add sym links for libdl.so.0, libm.so.0, and friends for backward compatibility with sys-libs/uclibc-ng-1.0.17 and earlier
x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers Install non-GLVND libGL for backwards compatibility