Local USE flag

Packages describing “native-headset” as local USE flag

Package “native-headset” Flag Description
app-crypt/libb2 Use CFLAGS as determined by configure script. These flags will enable all CPU specific features it find available, to further optimise the implementation. This discards any existing CFLAGS set in make.conf or similar.
dev-java/ecj-gcj Build a native binary along with the jar. Provides faster execution time, but needs about 1G memory and some patience to compile.
dev-python/msgpack Compiles native "C" extensions (speedups, instead of using python fallback code).
gnustep-base/gnustep-make Enables use of the native Objective-C exception support (@try/@catch/@finally) built-in objective-c exceptions with compilers that support it
media-sound/pulseaudio Build with oFono HFP backend for bluez 5, requires net-misc/ofono.
sys-apps/portage Compiles native "C" extensions (speedups, instead of using python backup code). Currently includes libc-locales. This should only be temporarily disabled for some bootstrapping operations. Cross-compilation is not supported.