Global USE flag

Install examples, usually source code

Packages describing “no-examples” as local USE flag

Package “no-examples” Flag Description
app-text/robodoc Installs usage examples in /usr/share for Perl
dev-cpp/sourcetrail Install example projects.
dev-haskell/yaml Don't enable unicode output. Instead, unicode characters will be escaped.
dev-libs/actor-framework Installs the provided example source files
dev-python/wxpython Install interactive demo module browser and sample applets.
games-board/crafty Don't try to enable crazy CFLAG options
media-gfx/alembic Install alembic examples
net-dns/ddclient Install various example files, like for cron.
net-firewall/ufw Example ufw config files
net-libs/tox Log level: 0 (no debug info logged)
net-misc/mosh Include example scripts
sci-physics/espresso Installs the examples
x11-wm/xmonad Allow ignoring of keyboard autorepeat.

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