Global USE flag

Add support for Unicode

Packages describing “no-unicode” as local USE flag

Package “no-unicode” Flag Description
app-i18n/ibus Enable support for Unicode choice
app-text/ghostscript-gpl Add support for unicode passwords via net-dns/libidn
dev-haskell/yaml don't install the yaml2json executable
dev-lang/python Enable wide Unicode implementation which uses 4-byte Unicode characters. Switching of this USE flag changes ABI of Python and requires reinstallation of many Python modules. (DON'T DISABLE THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING)
games-board/crafty Don't try to enable crazy CFLAG options
games-strategy/megaglest Use unicode strings for wxwidgets
media-fonts/terminus-font Remove non-unicode PCF fonts that could be problematic. See bug #520222.
net-libs/tox Log level: 0 (no debug info logged)
x11-wm/xmonad Allow ignoring of keyboard autorepeat.

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