Local USE flag

Packages describing “old-inline-pragmas” as local USE flag

Package “old-inline-pragmas” Flag Description
dev-haskell/lens Some 7.6.1-rc1 users report their TH still uses old style inline pragmas. This lets them turn on inlining.
dev-haskell/tasty-quickcheck Use Quick-Check < 2.7.
dev-haskell/unix-compat build against old-time package
games-emulation/dosbox Enable memory-increasing inlines for better performance but requiring more build time
net-analyzer/snort Enables support to allow traffic to pass (fail-open) through inline deployments while snort is starting and not ready to begin inspecting traffic. If this option is not enabled, network traffic will not pass (fail-closed) until snort has fully started and is ready to perform packet inspection.
net-misc/lldpd Enable compatibility with Linux kernel older than 2.6.39
sys-power/nut Driver for American Power Conversion Smart Protocol UPS equipment