Global USE flag

Add support for the Qt GUI/Application Toolkit version 4.x

Packages describing “qt4” as local USE flag

Package “qt4” Flag Description
app-i18n/fcitx Install input method module for Qt 4
dev-java/gnu-classpath Build with Qt4 AWT peers
dev-python/pyudev Install PyQt4 bindings
games-strategy/warzone2100 Use qt-gui/qt-opengl for backend rendering instead of sdl
media-gfx/graphviz Builds gvedit front-end
media-libs/libffado Install qt4-based mixer frontend
media-video/tsmuxer Installs tsMuxerGUI (needs Qt4)
media-video/vlc Builds a Qt4 based frontend, a graphical interface.
sys-apps/razercfg Installs a qt UI. Requires dev-python/pyside
www-client/dooble Build using qt4 instead of qt5
x11-drivers/ati-drivers Install qt4 dependent optional tools (e.g Catalyst Control Panel)

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