Global USE flag

!!do not set this during bootstrap!! Causes binaries to be statically linked instead of dynamically

Packages describing “static-plugins” as local USE flag

Package “static-plugins” Flag Description
app-admin/tripwire Builds the package statically
app-emulation/libvirt Build the net-analyzer/wireshark plugin for the Libvirt RPC protocol
app-emulation/qemu Build the User targets as static binaries
app-office/abiword Enable plugins build (see for more information). If your file cannot be opened due lack of support, try enabling this.
app-shells/bash Add support for loading builtins at runtime via 'enable'
app-text/sigil Installed needed Python packages for using Sigil plugins
dev-ada/gnat_util Build gnat_util static library with pic code
dev-ada/gnatcoll-bindings Build shared library
dev-ada/gnatcoll-core Build static library with pic code
dev-ada/gnatcoll-db Build shared library
dev-ada/libgpr Build static library with pic code
dev-ada/xmlada Build static library with pic code
dev-games/mygui Build MyGUI plugins
dev-util/molecule Add plugins provided by dev-util/molecule-plugins
games-rpg/arx-libertatis Link libraries statically, currently only media-libs/glew
gnome-extra/synapse Build support for plugins using net-libs/rest
media-gfx/album Install optional plugins
media-libs/lv2 Enables examples plugins.
net-analyzer/ettercap Install ettercap plugins (et_*.so)
net-analyzer/icinga Adds support for nagios plugins
net-analyzer/icinga2 Adds support for nagios plugins
net-analyzer/wireshark Install plugins
net-analyzer/zabbix Build statically linked binaries
net-firewall/arno-iptables-firewall Install optional plugins
net-im/bitlbee Enable support for plugins
net-im/tkabber Enables installation the extra plugins
net-libs/axtls Statically build axhttpd server
net-libs/libbtbb Build the wireshark plugins for bluetooth baseband sniffing
net-print/hplip Use statically-generated PPDs instead of Dynamic PPDs. Although this is deprecated some printers may still need it to work properly. Use this flag if hp-setup fails to find/create a valid PPD file
net-voip/telepathy-gabble Enable plugin loader
net-vpn/openvpn Enable the OpenVPN plugin system
sci-libs/avogadrolibs Build all plugins statically into main plugin modules
sci-physics/fastjet Build all standard and C++ plugins
sci-visualization/paraview Build and install additional plugins
sys-apps/busybox Make the system rescue shell (/bin/bb) static so you can recover even when glibc is broken
sys-apps/hwloc Build hwloc components as plugins so that the hwloc core library does not directly depend on their dependencies (for instance the libpci library)
sys-devel/binutils Enable plugin support in tools
sys-devel/binutils-hppa64 Enable plugin support in tools
sys-devel/clang Install the Clang static analyzer
sys-fs/btrfs-progs Build static binaries in addition to the dynamic ones
www-apps/gitit enables optional plugin runtime loader
www-servers/apache Link in apache2 modules statically rather then plugins
www-servers/monkeyd Build statically linked plugins

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