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Added Packages

app-vim/ebnf-syntax vim plugin: EBNF (ISO/IEC 14997) file syntax highlighting
app-shells/tcsh Enhanced version of the Berkeley C shell (csh)
app-vim/ansiesc vim plugin: ansi escape sequences concealed, but highlighted as specified
app-portage/diffmask A utility to maintain package.unmask entries up-to-date with masks
net-analyzer/tcpreplay Utilities for editing and replaying previously captured network traffic
app-officeext/texmaths LaTeX Equation Editor for LibreOffice
app-pda/libusbmuxd USB multiplex daemon for use with Apple iPhone/iPod Touch devices
app-portage/eix Search and query ebuilds
app-portage/smart-live-rebuild Check live packages for updates and emerge them as necessary
app-vim/gentoo-syntax vim plugin: Gentoo and Portage syntax highlighting