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Added Packages

dev-ada/libadalang high performance semantic engine for the Ada programming language
dev-perl/MooseX-NonMoose Easy subclassing of non-Moose classes
app-emulation/ruffle Flash Player emulator written in Rust
dev-scheme/chez-minikanren Canonical miniKanren implementation (on Chez Scheme)
dev-util/log4shelldetect check for java programs vulnerable to log4shell
dev-util/rinstall Utility for declarative installation of programs
dev-java/log4j-api The Apache Log4j API
dev-java/log4j-api-java9 The Apache Log4j API (Java 9)
dev-python/tifffile Read and write TIFF files
dev-python/ajsonrpc Async JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol + server powered by asyncio

Updated Packages