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Added Packages

dev-python/pydiffx Python module for reading and writing DiffX files
dev-python/kgb Python function spy support for unit tests
sci-libs/onnx Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX)
net-im/wazzapp-bin Unofficial electron-based wrapper around WhatsApp Web
sci-libs/QNNPACK Quantized Neural Networks PACKage
dev-python/pathvalidate A Python library to sanitize/validate a string such as filenames/file-paths/etc
dev-python/tcolorpy tcolopy is a Python library to apply true color for terminal text
dev-python/allpairspy Pairwise test combinations generator
dev-python/dbus-next The next great DBus library for Python with asyncio support
sci-libs/NNPACK acceleration package for neural network computations

Updated Packages