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dev-php/pecl-mongodb MongoDB database driver for PHP
net-libs/pjproject Open source SIP, Media, and NAT Traversal Library
media-fonts/awesome The iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap
sys-fabric/dapl OpenIB - Direct Access Provider Library
sys-fabric/infiniband-diags OpenIB diagnostic programs and scripts needed to diagnose an IB subnet
sys-fabric/ibutils OpenIB userspace tools
sys-fabric/infinipath-psm OpenIB userspace driver for the PathScale InfiniBand HCAs
sys-fabric/ibacm IB CM pre-connection service application
sys-fabric/libehca OpenIB - IBM eServer eHCA Infiniband device driver for Linux on POWER
sys-fabric/libcxgb4 OpenIB - driver for Chelsio T4-based iWARP (RDMA over IP/ethernet)