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Added Packages

dev-python/jupyter_server_ydoc A Jupyter Server Extension Providing Y Documents
dev-python/jupyter_server_fileid An extension that maintains file IDs for documents in a running Jupyter Server
dev-python/jupyter_ydoc Document structures for collaborative editing using Ypy
dev-python/ypy-websocket Python bindings to y-crdt
dev-python/aiosqlite asyncio bridge to the standard sqlite3 module
dev-python/y-py Python bindings to y-crdt
dev-lang/fuzion A language with a focus on simplicity, safety and correctness
dev-cpp/msgpack-cxx MessagePack for C++
app-emacs/rg GNU Emacs search tool based on ripgrep
app-misc/check-jsonschema A CLI and set of pre-commit hooks for jsonschema validation

Updated Packages