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Added Packages

sys-fs/genfstab Genfstab - generate output suitable for addition to an fstab file
app-misc/jp Command line interface to JMESPath
dev-perl/Clone-Choose Choose appropriate clone utility
app-metrics/fritzbox_smarthome_exporter Prometheus exporter for FRITZ!Box Smart Home
acct-user/fritzbox_smarthome_exporter FRITZ!Box Smart Home Exporter User
acct-group/fritzbox_smarthome_exporter System group: fritzbox_smarthome_exporter
dev-python/python-lsp-black Black plugin for the Python LSP Server
dev-python/pytest-testinfra Write unit tests in Python to test actual state of your servers
dev-python/pywinrm Python client for the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service
dev-python/subprocess-tee subprocess.run replacement with tee(1)-like output

Updated Packages