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Added Packages

sec-keys/openpgp-keys-tenable OpenPGP keys used to sign Tenable Inc. software packages
sys-cluster/kubelogin kubectl plugin for Kubernetes OpenID Connect authentication
sys-cluster/kubeseal Client-side utility for one-way encrypted secrets in kubernetes
sys-cluster/flux Flux is a tool for keeping Kubernetes clusters in sync
dev-java/xmlunit-matchers XMLUnit for Java Hamcrest Matchers
dev-java/xmlunit-assertj XMLUnit with AssertJ fluent API
dev-java/xmlunit-core XMLUnit for Java
app-emacs/treesit-auto Automatic installation, usage, fallback for tree-sitter modes in Emacs 29
app-emacs/flycheck-clang-tidy Flycheck syntax checker using clang-tidy
media-sound/qpaeq Equalizer interface for equalizer sinks of PulseAudio (networked sound server)

Updated Packages