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Added Packages

dev-python/pandocfilters Utilities for writing pandoc filters in python
dev-ruby/rash_alt Rash alt version for Hashie's own Rash
dev-util/clazy Compiler plugin which allows clang to understand Qt semantics
dev-libs/cudnn NVIDIA Accelerated Deep Learning on GPU library
dev-embedded/stlink stm32 discovery line linux programmer
app-misc/ttyload color-coded graph of load averages over time
dev-python/symengine Python wrappers to the symengine C++ library
sci-libs/symengine Fast symbolic manipulation library, written in C++
games-simulation/openrct2 An open source re-implementation of Chris Sawyer's RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
dev-python/scandir A better directory iterator and faster os.walk()

Updated Packages