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app-cdr/geteltorito El Torito boot image extractor
media-libs/libopusenc High-level API for encoding .opus files
games-util/gamemode Optimise Linux system performance on demand
dev-python/gast A generic AST to represent Python2 and Python3's Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)
dev-php/xdebug-handler Restart a CLI process without loading the xdebug extension
dev-python/asciimatics Pythonic library to create text UIs and ASCII art animations
dev-python/pyfiglet An implementation of figlet written in Python
app-crypt/hashcat-utils a set of small utilities that are useful in advanced password cracking
app-misc/tmux2html Render full tmux windows or individual panes as HTML
x11-misc/lightdm-mini-greeter A Minimal, Configurable, Single-User GTK3 LightDM Greeter