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media-gfx/dmtx-utils Tools for reading and writing Data Matrix barcodes
dev-util/glib-utils Build utilities for GLib using projects
net-im/dino Modern Jabber/XMPP Client using GTK+/Vala
net-im/poezio Console XMPP client that looks like most famous IRC clients
dev-python/slixmpp Python 3 library for XMPP
net-wireless/portapack-havoc Custom firmware for the HackRF SDR + PortaPack H1 addon
dev-python/wsproto WebSockets state-machine based protocol implementation
xfce-extra/xfce4-panel-profiles Simple application to manage Xfce panel layouts
net-analyzer/nagios-icinga-openvpn A Nagios plugin to check whether an OpenVPN server is alive
sys-apps/rtl-entropy An entropy generator using SDR peripherals, including rtl-sdr and BladeRF