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Added Packages

net-misc/geoipyupdateSimple python replacement for the MaxMind geoipupdate program
dev-libs/libdbusmenu-lxqtLXQt DBusMenu Implementation
dev-qt/qtlanguageserverImplementation of the Language Server Protocol for Qt
dev-java/jimfsAn in-memory file system for Java 7+
dev-python/mkdocs-macros-pluginMkdocs plug-in allowing the use of macros and variables in Markdown
gui-libs/libdecorA client-side decorations library for Wayland clients
dev-perl/OpenGL-GLUTPerl bindings to GLUT/FreeGLUT GUI toolkit
mate-extra/mate-tweakTweak tool for the MATE Desktop
app-emulation/qtrvsimRISC-V CPU simulator for education
sys-boot/uefi-mkconfigAutomatic management of UEFI entries

Updated Packages