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Added Packages

dev-python/pytest-lazy-fixtures Allows you to use fixtures in @pytest.mark.parametrize
net-wireless/bdaddr Utility for changing the Bluetooth device address
sec-keys/openpgp-keys-isc OpenPGP keys used to sign ISC releases
sec-keys/openpgp-keys-libuv OpenPGP keys used by libuv
net-misc/sunshine Self-hosted game stream host for Moonlight
dev-python/urwid-readline Text input widget for urwid that supports readline shortcuts
dev-python/aioitertools itertools and builtins for AsyncIO and mixed iterables
sys-apps/xdg-desktop-portal-xapp Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using Cinnamon/MATE/Xfce
dev-python/noseofyeti A custom python codec that provides an RSpec style dsl for python
dev-python/pytest-home Home directory fixtures

Updated Packages