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Added Packages

app-admin/ansible-molecule A toolkit designed to aid in the development and testing of Ansible roles
dev-python/sphinx_ansible_theme A reusable Ansible Sphinx theme
app-misc/dasel Query, update and convert data structures from the command line
net-p2p/energi3 Official golang implementation of the Energi Core
acct-user/energi3 User for net-p2p/energi3
acct-group/energi3 Group for system-wide net-p2p/energi3
app-misc/jpipe A python implementation of the jp CLI for JMESPath
dev-python/fritzconnection Lib/tool to communicate with AVM FRITZ! devices using TR-064 protocol over UPnP
acct-user/zeppelin User for system-wide www-apps/zeppelin-bin
acct-group/zeppelin Group for system-wide www-apps/zeppelin-bin

Updated Packages