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Added Packages

dev-python/jaraco-path Miscellaneous path functions
sys-apps/radeontool Manage the backlight, external video output and registers of ATI Radeon cards
dev-ml/cstruct Map OCaml arrays onto C-like structs
dev-ml/bigarray-compat Compatibility library to use Stdlib.Bigarray when possible
dev-db/pgFormatter PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier
gui-apps/swappy A Wayland native snapshot and editor tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS
net-irc/oragono A modern IRC server written in Go
acct-user/oragono User for the Oragono IRC server
acct-group/oragono Group for the Oragono IRC server
dev-python/aesara Library for operating on mathematical expressions with multi-dimensional arrays

Updated Packages