Local USE flag

Packages describing “access-log” as local USE flag

Package “access-log” Flag Description
dev-libs/aws-sdk-cpp AWS Access Management, a meta-flag that enables: AWS Certificate Manager (ACM): Provision, manage, and deploy SSL/TLS certificates on AWS managed resources. Identity and Access Management (IAM): A web service for securely controlling access to AWS services. Resource Access Manager (RAM): Customers who operate multiple accounts can create resources centrally and use AWS RAM to share them with all of their accounts to reduce operational overhead. Also enables acm-pca, identity-management and sts (Security Token Service).
games-emulation/dolphin Increase logging output
net-ftp/proftpd Enable support for the mod_log_forensic module, log only suspicious actions.
net-irc/anope Additional log target in SQL
net-libs/libwebsockets Support generating Apache-compatible access logs
net-libs/tox Log level: 5
net-wireless/gnuradio enable logging to console and files
sys-fs/udisks Control whether connections from other clients over LAN are allowed