Local USE flag

Packages describing “api” as local USE flag

Package “api” Flag Description
app-accessibility/brltty build brltty's application program interface
app-antivirus/clamav Enables collection of file property metadata using ClamAV API for analysis by ClamAV bytecode programs.
app-doc/clsync-docs Install doxygen generated API docs.
app-emulation/xen-tools Build the C libxenapi bindings
dev-util/mingw64-runtime Expose secure API (*_s function) by default.
net-fs/openafs Build API documentation using app-doc/doxygen. May take a *long* time to build.
sci-libs/med Use -DH5_USE_16_API to build the package against old 1.6 API of HDF5
sys-cluster/cinder Installs the initscripts for the cinder api service