Packages describing “bpf” as local USE flag

Package“bpf” Flag Description
app-containers/crunEnable in Kernel, eBPF (enhanced Berkley Packet Filter) support for managing device controllers.
app-emulation/qemuEnable eBPF support for RSS implementation.
dev-util/perfEnable support for eBPF features with dev-libs/libbpf
media-libs/libv4lEnable support for IR BPF decoders
media-tv/v4l-utilsEnables support for IR BPF decoders.
net-analyzer/netdataEnable the extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) collector to monitor kernel-level metrics about applications with per-second granularity
net-analyzer/suricataEnable support for eBPF (as well as XDP if supported by the kernel and the NIC driver) for low-level, high-speed packet processing
net-dns/dnsdistEnable support for eBPF socket filtering
sys-apps/iproute2Use dev-libs/libbpf
sys-process/criuAdd support for BPF programs via dev-libs/libbpf

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