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Add CGI script support

Packages describing “cgi-lua” as local USE flag

Package “cgi-lua” Flag Description
app-admin/conky Enable if you want Lua RSVG bindings
dev-haskell/hslua Use the system-wide lua instead of the bundled copy.
dev-vcs/git Install gitweb too
games-strategy/freeciv Use dev-lang/lua instead of the bundled liblua
mail-filter/opendkim Enables control over signature verification, filtering and policy to be controlled by user defined lua scripts.
media-libs/mlt Build SWIG bindings for Lua
media-sound/aqualung Enable support for programmable title formatting with dev-lang/lua
media-tv/xmltv enable CGI support
media-video/mpv Enable Lua scripting, OSC (On Screen Controller) GUI and net-misc/youtube-dl hook-script
media-video/vlc Enable Lua scripting support, needed for including support for Jamendo (online music platform) and similar things
net-analyzer/munin Install the CGI-compatible scripts for on-the-fly generation of web pages and graphs. This is only meaningful if the minimal USE flag is disabled.
net-analyzer/nmap Use dev-lang/lua instead of the bundled liblua
net-dns/pdns Enable LUA records.
net-libs/axtls Enables php backed cgi for axhttpd server
net-libs/libwebsockets Include CGI (spawn process with network-connected stdin/out/err) APIs
www-apps/cgit Enable support for Lua scripting

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