local USE flag

Install contrib scripts

Packages describing “contrib” as local USE flag

Package “contrib” Flag Description
sys-apps/firejail Install contrib scripts
app-office/magicpoint Install additional contributed scripts
app-emacs/org-mode Install user-contributed files
sys-apps/lm-sensors Installs user contributed configuration files so you don't need to find settings on your own for your system if somebody else has already created such a configuration for sensors/mainboards you are using.
app-metrics/collectd Install user-contributed files in the doc directory
media-libs/opencv Install user contributed scripts from opencv_contrib (Experimental!)
x11-wm/pekwm Install optional extras in the documentation directory
dev-vcs/gitolite Install user-contributed files
dev-util/codeblocks Build additional contrib components
x11-misc/i3blocks Install contrib modules
x11-plugins/vicious Install extra widgets, some for less common hardware, some contributed by Vicious users.
x11-wm/stumpwm Install contrib modules
sys-kernel/kpatch Enable contrib kpatch services files.

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