Global USE flag

Include LUKS volume support (sys-fs/cryptsetup)

Packages describing “cryptsetup” as local USE flag

Package “cryptsetup” Flag Description
sys-block/gparted Include LUKS volume support (sys-fs/cryptsetup)
sys-apps/systemd Enable cryptsetup tools (includes unit generator for crypttab)
sys-apps/util-linux Use sys-fs/cryptsetup to have built-in dm-verity in libmount
sys-apps/s390-tools build the zkey-cryptsetup utility (requires USE=openssl)
sys-kernel/genkernel Enable support for Luks disk encryption using sys-fs/cryptsetup
sys-kernel/genkernel-next Enable support for Luks disk enrcyption using sys-fs/cryptsetup
sys-libs/libblockdev Enable sys-fs/cryptsetup support