Global USE flag

Add support for the Simple Authentication and Security Layer

Packages describing “dovecot-sasl” as local USE flag

Package “dovecot-sasl” Flag Description
app-crypt/qca Enable SASL plugin
app-emulation/virt-manager Depend on the proper libraries needed to connect to SASL-enabled libvirtd instances (e.g. Kerberos-protected instances).
dev-lang/php Add SASL support for the PHP LDAP extension
dev-libs/libmemcached Use sasl auth for communications.
mail-filter/maildrop Add dovecot authentication support
mail-filter/opendkim Used to authenticate to a LDAP server in various ways if required.
mail-mta/exim Adds support for Dovecot's authentication
mail-mta/postfix Enable net-mail/dovecot protocol version 1 (server only) SASL implementation
net-fs/autofs Enable SASL support in the LDAP module

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