Enables VA/DRM API support.

Packages describing “drm” as local USE flag

Package “drm” Flag Description
media-libs/libva-compat Enables VA/DRM API support.
sys-boot/plymouth Provides abstraction to the DRM drivers (intel, nouveau and vmwgfx at this moment)
media-video/mpv Enable Kernel Mode Setting / Direct Rendering Manager based video outputs
media-libs/oneVPL Build with DRM support
media-plugins/gst-plugins-vaapi Enable DRM renderer
sys-apps/kmscon Enable Linux DRM for backend
net-misc/tigervnc Build with DRM support
dev-libs/efl Enable DRM engine
media-libs/libva Enables VA/DRM API support.
app-text/mupdf Enable support for Digital rights management (DRM)
app-misc/ddcutil Use x11-libs/libdrm for more verbose diagnostics.
dev-libs/weston Enable drm compositor support
x11-misc/picom Enable support for using drm for vsync

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