Packages describing “enchant” as local USE flag

Package“enchant” Flag Description
app-i18n/fcitxEnable Enchant backend (using app-text/enchant) for spelling hinting
app-office/lyxAdd support for enchant spellchecking wrapper (both aspell and hunspell can be used by LyX).
dev-lang/phpEnable the Enchant spelling library extension using app-text/enchant
dev-util/geany-pluginsEnable spell checking using enchant
net-im/psiEnable spellchecking using app-text/enchant
net-im/telegram-desktopUse the app-text/enchant spell-checking backend instead of app-text/hunspell
net-irc/weechatEnable spell checker plugin via Enchant instead of GNU Aspell

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