local USE flag

Build citeproc executable

Packages describing “executable” as local USE flag

Package “executable” Flag Description
dev-haskell/citeproc Build citeproc executable
dev-haskell/skylighting Build the skylighting executable.
dev-haskell/unicode-collation Build the unicode-collate executable.
dev-haskell/yaml Install the yaml2json and json2yaml executables
dev-haskell/zip-archive Build the Zip executable.
dev-php/agavi Install the "agavi" executable used to manage projects. This requires dev-php/phing, and may be omitted if you are (for example) deploying an existing site to a production server.
dev-haskell/skylighting-core Build the skylighting executable.
dev-haskell/texmath Compile test executable.
sci-mathematics/primecount Build the primecount CLI executable
sci-mathematics/primesieve Build the primesieve CLI executable

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